Retirement Plans

From designing a retirement plan that is right for you or your company, to addressing ongoing administration, investment results, employee communications, and reporting, we make sure your retirement plan is working for you.

Here is a brief summary of the more important considerations in adopting a retirement plan:

Employer’s Perspective

  • Desired Company Contribution/Expenditure
  • Type of Plan or Combination of Plans
  • Understanding Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Selecting an Experienced Investment Advisor and Plan Administrator
  • Communicating the Benefits of your Plan to your current and future participants

Participant’s Perspective

  • Appreciation for Company Tax Free Contributions
  • Opportunity to make Tax Deductible Contributions
  • Obtain Investment Guidance from the Plan Investment Specialist
  • Properly plan for future Retirement Needs

The only thing more important than your Tax Deduction, is what happens after you make your contribution!

If we assume a yearly contribution of $10,000 by a 35, 45 or 55 year old, who wish to retire at Age 70, while assuming a yearly return of 3%, 5% or 7%, your return over time can substantially impact when and how you enjoy your retirement:


  Age 3% 5% 7%
Yearly Contribution to Age 70: $10,000 35 $604,620.82 $903,203.07 $1,382,368.78
Provides a 20 year annual payment @ 70 $40,640.02 $72,475.35 $130,485.83
Yearly Contribution to Age 70: $10,000 45 $364,592.64 $477,270.99 $632,490.38
Provides a 20 year annual payment @ 70 $24,506.35 $38,297.46 $59,702.62
Yearly Contribution to Age 70: $10,000 55 $185,989.14 $215,785.64 $251,290.22
Provides a 20 year annual payment @ 70 $12,501.39 $17,315.20 $23,720.02
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