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Whether you’ve been with us a short time, many years or simply considering our services, you know how much we care about our clients, and how it shows in our responsiveness and attention to detail.  You also know that we’ve built our reputation and business by taking a hands-on approach in serving our clients’ needs, and providing quality, proactive, personalized service. This explains why so many of our new clients come to us at the recommendation of our existing clients and friends.

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Become eligible for our Referral Bonus Program by letting us show your friends and colleagues how we can help them.

Two (2) Opportunities to Benefit from Referring us:

(open to all supporters)

1.) $25 Visa Gift Card Referral Appreciation Program – Our appreciation for your confidence in referring us to any business, practice or individual.

Once we have had an opportunity to speak with your referral, regardless of the outcome, we will notify you by email to expect your $25 VISA Card in the mail.

2.) $75 Visa Card New Client Appreciation Bonus – If your referral becomes a client of The Kirwan Companies, Ltd, you will receive an additional $75 Visa Gift Card.

We will notify you by email to expect your $75 Visa Card Bonus in the mail.


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