Written by Michael G. Kirwan, ChFC, CLU
Published Winter/Spring 2009 in the New Jersey Union County and Morris County Medical Societies’ Newsletters


In these extraordinarily difficult economic times, if you are not getting the same Professional Advice from your Advisors, as you deliver to your patients, it’s time to seek a second opinion

Cost Cutting or Sharing, in an effort to achieve desired Benefits, is paramount. An independent professional should be able to provide the following surgical services in an effort to diagnose your medical insurance condition, otherwise, for your financial health, you MUST seek a second opinion

  • Independent and represents “all” of the carriers in your State or, seek a second opinion
  • Familiar with all of the available plans — PPO, DA, POS, EPO, HMO, HSA, HRA. If you, or more importantly, your representative, are not conversant with these initials, seek a second opinion
  • Provides you with your Renewal at least 30 days in advance and calls to review and/or suggest alternatives, or, seek a second opinion
  • Prepare a written Cost/Benefit Analysis to assure that your plan is the most Cost Effective it can be, or, seek a second opinion
  • Discuss the use of “Classes” to provide for Multiple Plan availability, or, seek a second opinion
  • Encourage you to initiate a Pre-Tax employee Cost Sharing Plan, or, seek a second opinion
  • Educate you and your valued employees in the “wild kingdom” of Out-of-Network Services, or, seek a second opinion
  • You DO NOT have to wait until your renewal to change your plan and/or save on premiums and your representative should show you how to switch plans “Before” your renewal month, or, seek a second opinion
  • Promote Self-Advocacy with Consumer Driven Health Products, which traditionally save sufficient premiums to cover the plan deductible, allowing the consumer to KEEP the savings. These are the only “Use It or Keep It” Plans in the country. seek a second opinion
  • Provide a Non-Commissionable “Investment Management” full brokerage platform for the Tax Deductible Savings available through Consumer Driven HSA Plans, or, seek a second opinion