Health Savings Accounts

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Increasing yearly costs by nearly 20%, the HSA Program will permit you and/or your employees access to the finest of health care providers through our exceptional programs while slashing your monthly costs.

With the typical HSA Monthly Premium Savings nearing 50%, the HSA Program allows you to allocate your savings to a 100% “Tax Deductible Medical IRA/Savings Account.” You may then withdraw these funds “Tax-Free” to reimburse yourself for your out-of-pocket medical costs, including those items that may not customarily be covered, such as dental, orthodontia and optical expenses, to name a few.

If you should be fortunate enough to remain healthy, the monies that you have deposited, that would have otherwise been spent in premiums to the insurance companies for “Well Care,” will be yours to keep and spend as an “Additional Retirement Plan”!

Medical IRA/Savings Account with Pre-Tax Advantages!

  • Early mammograms, pap smear, psa tests and routine exams.
  • up to $7,100 per year ($3,550 Single)
    PLUS Age 55+ Catch-up of $1,000
    PLUS Optional Spousal HSA of $1,000 for a potential combined contribution of $9,100 ($4,550 Single), indexed for inflation
  • To pay for your Deductible and/or Co-Payments
    Long Term Care Insurance
    Medicare Premiums and associated Non-Covered “Donut Hole” expenses
    Many other Non-Reimbursed Medical Expenses, not typically covered by insurance
  • Unused Funds Rollover for future use OR
    Accumulate for Retirement “in addition to” any other Retirement Plan