What are Health Savings Accounts (HSA)?

Health Savings Accounts are a two-tiered system of benefits used to provide affordable low premium (40%-50%+ discount), high quality PPO, DA, POS, EPO, and HMO health insurance benefits for individuals, families and groups alike; there are no size limits, big or small.


HSA’s provide PPO, POS, DA, EPO, and HMO plan coverage with a range of deductibles and co-insurances.

Minimum Deductible — Individual

$1,400 with out-of-pocket maximum of $6,900

Minimum Deductible — All Others

$2,800 with out-of-pocket maximum of $13,800

Included are first-dollar charges for gynecological exams, pap smears, routine mammograms, PSA’s and child immunizations with no deductible and no coinsurance, and 100% prescription coverage after deductible.


HSA’s — Health (IRA) Savings Accounts allow yearly tax deductible contributions for both individuals and families:

up to $3,550 for individuals

(100% of the deductible, per year!)

up to $7,100 for families

(100% of the deductible, per year!)

Catch-up of $1,000 applies to all participants age 55+ AND an additional $1,000 for Spousal Accounts age 55+.

HSA contributions may be withdrawn tax-free to reimburse plan participant’s for a medically-related expenses, including, but not limited to, dental, optical and orthodontia, medicare premiums and long term care premiums. Please refer to IRS Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses for further details.

HSA contributions can be accumulated for retirement purposes, in addition to current retirement plan contributions.

This is truly one of the only “Use It” or “Keep It” programs in the country!

Note: Over-the Counter Rx – due to the Patient Protection and Affordable Act, these charges may only be reimbursed if they have a prescription. 

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