Coronavirus Update: Insurance and Investments

An Important Message About Insurance Plans and Coverage, and Proactive Investment Management

As we are all acutely aware, these are particularly difficult times, as we struggle simultaneously with the infamous Coronavirus and the perilous moves of the stockmarket and our valued savings.

We wanted you to know of our deep concern and interest for you and your families and of our desire to continue to keep you informed of your medical benefits and options.

With our utmost appreciation and respect for our long-term broker and friends at Savoy Associates, we are pleased to provide a detailed carrier list for the majority of plans in our tri-state area, reflecting the “covered services and informational sources available” in the event that you, your relatives and/or friends should be so unfortunate to contract or suspect any issues relative to COVID-19.

more insurance carriers and plans

For those of you who are also Investment Clients of ours, we want you to know that we are, as always, exceedingly vigilant in attending to proactively managing your respective accounts and have already taken certain action(s) to make some corrective changes in accordance with the preservation of captial during these particularly difficult times, and we are equally prepared to return to recovery mode as the market may permit.

As always, we are her for your support and assistance 24/7, as we consider our ourselves the Wawa of the investment and employee benefits arena, and essentially an extension of your HR contacts. Please reach out any time.