Large Group, Small Group, IRS Codes

ACA, ALE’s, FTE, 6055, 6056, 1094C, 1095C Are you and your Accountant Confused Yet? As we prepare for the full effects of the 2016 ACA regulations to go into play, we will once again be faced with yet additional rules, regulations and potential penalties. You will recall that in an effort t

The Supreme’s Hear King v. Burwell

How will the Supreme Court rule on the Obamacare “Federal Tax Subsidies”? As you may be aware, according to the strict language of the law pertaining to subsidies, only Health Insurance purchased through an “Exchange established by the State under section 1311” of the ACA, Section 36B

Transformation of our HealthCare System under ACA

According to FACTCHECK, per capita health care costs have been rising at just under 3 percent a year over the last four years, but that’s less than half the average annual growth in the preceding eight years. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services calls the effect of the ACA on t

PPACA-ACA-aka Obamacare Rules-Part II

It has been three months since my last update and, regrettably, there is insufficient space on this page to provide you with all of the changes and executive orders that have transpired, so I will attempt to provide you with the most material changes and updated information: 11/14/13 “P

PPACA-ACA-aka Obamacare Rules

As we are all acutely aware, the ACA-Affordable Care Act has gone into startup mode but are you prepared and will you be in compliance? We have all heard about the “in excess of 2700 pages” of the HealthCare bill, explaining and detailing the inner-workings of this new program and now we

Will the Last Patient to Leave, Please Turn Off the Lights!

This was a familiar refrain to the doc’s, in Pennsylvania in particular, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, which like so much of history, appears to be repeating itself. Whether due to Obamacare or, perhaps “nobody cares”, the finest healthcare system in the world

Enhancing The Bottom Line

As business owners, we are acutely aware of the shrinkage we are all experiencing in our revenues, and with our seemingly never ending accelerating expenses, particularly in our assorted insurance expenses, malpractice and health insurance being the most egregious. While we patiently await th

NJAHU State of the State 2012-Healthcare Symposium

Savoy Associates Wendy Ebner, Pres., NJAHU 4 AAA Drive, Suite 205 Hamilton, NJ 08691 Dear Wendy, I am an independent broker working through Savoy Associates, as well as being an RIA and I have specialized in working directly with the independent physicians and State and Local County Medical S

HSA Update—Legislative Change(s) for 2012

Written by Michael G. Kirwan, ChFC, CLU Published Spring 2012   To our Valued HSA/MSA Clients: We are pleased to inform you of yet another major enhancement to your HSA/MSA Program regarding your ability to make “Tax Deductible” contributions for 2012 and beyond. HSA/MSA Plan partici

HSA’s Empowering Employers and Consumers

The “2011 Employer and Account Holder Surveys,” commissioned by ACS, A Xerox Company (NYSE: XRX), and conducted by Buck Consultants, show a majority of small employers (77 percent) believe that High Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) with an HSA are key in controlling health care costs. Addit