Is There a Doctor in the House?… or Anywhere?

Written by Michael G. Kirwan, ChFC, CLU
Published Fall 2009 in the New Jersey Union County and Morris County Medical Societies’ Newsletters


Is there a Doctor in the House?… or Anywhere!

I can vividly recall the debacle that was malpractice insurance in Pennsylvania in the early 90’s, when many of my physician clients, who had not already retired or left the State, posted a sign in unison in their offices’ stating:

“Will the last patient please turn the light off when leaving the office?”

The poster bore the names of literally hundreds of disgruntled physicians in protest.

A mere nearly twenty years later, we are facing a “Change” that we would have never contemplated, even a year ago!

In retrospect, having spent nearly my entire professional career serving the financial needs of physicians, the Brooklyn cynic in me began to wonder last night if the creation of HMO’s wasn’t merely the beginning of the ultimate conspiracy to herd our physicians, and ultimately our citizens and country, into the prospective bondage of Government Controlled Healthcare!

Your respective practices’ have experienced the ever increasing intrusion of governmental rules and regulations that have not only impaired your ability to “practice medicine”, but have now restricted and limited your “right” to make a living.

As many of you know, a part of my multi-faceted practice has been devoted to the promotion of HSA-Health Savings Account Programs. Like your own practice, as it may pertain to our health insurance services, we are on the cusp of having our office lights turned off.. Much like my cynical retrospective on the creation of HMO’s, the health insurance profession is currently experiencing potential elimination.

My office is currently receiving client Group Health Insurance renewal premiums in the unprecedented area of 25% to 30%, at the very time we are experiencing one of the most devastating economic times that most of us have seen in our lifetimes. Could the carriers have already sold out to the government by conspiratorially agreeing to invade your practice, and disproportionately increase our premiums, in an effort to force the ultimate resignation of the employers financial ability to sponsor such plans, thus eliminating the service representative, leaving the government “as the only recourse to provide everything”? Can you recall your college reading of George Orwells’, Animal Farm?

I am writing this heartfelt contribution on the eve of the House vote on H.R. 3962, the 1990 page colossus known as the Affordable Health Care for America Act, which could make turning the light off, secondary to even having electricity!


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