Does Our Health Insurance System Really Provide Choices?

With the ACA falling apart at the seams, how are the carriers watching out for Our Interests and improving Our Outcomes? The Wall Street Journal last week provided us with some insight regarding the big player’s interest in expanding their health care offerings and controlling their costs.

The Kirwan Companies, Ltd introduces the HSA-Transfer K

Health Care Affordability for Americans The Kirwan Companies, Ltd. and HSA Specialist of America have been in the Employee Benefits field for over 40 years and, among our other services, we have specialized in the promotion and education of HSA’s-Health Savings Accounts since their inceptio

Aetna to Withdraw from Small Employer Market in 2018

Due to mounting financial losses and an uncertain marketplace outlook, Aetna has made the decision to leave the Individual market in New Jersey.  As a result, New Jersey law requires a carrier to withdraw from the insured small employer market if it is withdrawing from the individual market.

Beware of Look-A-Like HSA Plans!

Some carriers are offering plans that appear to mimic HSA plans “BUT” their: Minimum Deductible’s or Maximum Out-of-Pocket Expenses exceed the HSA limits, which will then disqualify you from even having a Tax-Deductible HSA Account. On a more optimistic note, the American Health Care Ac


On Thursday, May 4, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released the 2018 inflation-adjusted amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). In addition to the chart below that compares the increases in Contribution Limits, there are two additional and very important pieces of this valued progra

Employee Benefits-Size Matters

Employee Benefits-Size Matters   Regardless of the size of your practice or business, the ever-increasing cost of your Group Health Plan(s) is typically the second or third largest item of your expenses, next to salaries or, in certain circumstances, malpractice insurance. But this is just t

Healthcare 2017 – Where Are We Now

As we hurtle further into the unknown arena of Healthcare, and an election with the nominees having diametric objectives, we are reminded that for all enterprises to function, hospitals and physicians alike, there must be a profit incentive, which always requires competition. The American Ent

Large Group, Small Group, IRS Codes

ACA, ALE’s, FTE, 6055, 6056, 1094C, 1095C Are you and your Accountant Confused Yet? As we prepare for the full effects of the 2016 ACA regulations to go into play, we will once again be faced with yet additional rules, regulations and potential penalties. You will recall that in an effort t

The Supreme’s Hear King v. Burwell

How will the Supreme Court rule on the Obamacare “Federal Tax Subsidies”? As you may be aware, according to the strict language of the law pertaining to subsidies, only Health Insurance purchased through an “Exchange established by the State under section 1311” of the ACA, Section 36B

Transformation of our HealthCare System under ACA

According to FACTCHECK, per capita health care costs have been rising at just under 3 percent a year over the last four years, but that’s less than half the average annual growth in the preceding eight years. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services calls the effect of the ACA on t